Sunday, 27 November 2011

Humphrey's Corner Christmas cards.

Hello everyone! I've been busy making Christmas cards to complete orders and I went to my chapel's coffee morning where I sold a lot of cards and had more orders!  Everyone loved Humphrey and The Snowman. 

The cards with the box for tealights and chocolate have proved extremely popular.  I've included photos of two of the cards I've completed.  I've been selling them for £5 complete with an envelobox.  Do you think that this is a fair price?  My customers seem to think this is, but others have said I'm not charging enough.  What is your opinion?  I'd love to know your opinion.  Thanks.

I'm getting organised now with my cards for Christmas.  Nearly finished my orders just need to make a couple of cards for myself then I'm all done!  Christmas shopping though that it is another matter!  I've bought one present so far!  Note to self - must get organised!!!!

Thanks for looking.

Love Sarahxxxxx

I really enjoy making the cards with the box attached for a little gift.  I also make an envelobox.  I've used tealight candles in the first card and Milky Bar buttons in another.  I've also made some with the chocolate Chrismas puddings and Santas. 

I've used the Humphrey Christmas decoupage from the Christmas pack, the sentiments were taken from the Humphrey Christmas stamps, the backing paper and matching insert from the Humphrey Christmas CD, the card is from Crafters Companion - I use either Snow Pearl or Ivory - large sheets usually 16" x 16".  I use the Ultimate Pro to make the card and envelobox.  The only part of the card that is not from Crafters Companion is the gold mirror card and embellishments - bow (made on the bowmaker included on the Ultimate Pro and Anita's Glitter Stick on Peel Offs).

Thank you for looking and please feel free to comment.  I love reading them.

Love Sarahxxxxx


  1. Fab. LI've how you've put little chocs in one instead of tea lights.

  2. These are gorgeous Sarah - I still haven't made one of these type of cards myself yet but hopefully will do so before Christmas. Can't advise you on the price though as I've never ever sold one of my cards so wouldn't have a clue what to charge.

    Catherine x