Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Snowman Christmas Cards

My orders have been taking up my time over the last week or so no time for blogging.  I'm up to date now with my orders now so I can make a serious start with my Christmas cards!!!!  I'm starting with The Snowman.  This year I'm going to use more stamped images and colouring them in using the Speccie pens.  I've never had the confidence before but I'm getting more confident in using them now. I used two of the images from The Snowman stamps and decided to use the plate and stand card.  The backing papers are off The Snowman CD Rom.

I've also posted a photo of a card I was commissioned to make for a neighbour's son.  He is a big Cardiff City fan.  I gave the card to my neighbour yesterday and she was absolutely thrilled with it!  It made my day!

Happy crafting everyone.


This is my favourite Snowman image.  I just had to make a card using it!

Cardiff City 40th Birthday Card

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tatty Teddy cards

I've been busy this week making the cards that people have ordered.  I've been desperate to finish them in order to start having a serious play with my Speccies!!!  I have though been playing with my Speccies colouring in some of The Snowman stamps.  I will post photos of The Snowman colouring when I make the images into cards.  However, here are a few of the cards I've made this week!!!

A friend of ours has twin granddaughters and wanted cards for their fifth birthday.  I chose Tatty Teddy as he is popular with everyone.  I've added their names as our friend is unable to get anything personalised for them.  I love making the easel card and have made an envelobox to protect the decoupage as it's going through the post.  I hope my friend likes them!!!

Another Tatty Teddy card.  He is becoming very popular with the cards I have been commissioned to make! I've used half of the decoupage from the large card packs.  I was being a bit frugal!  Out of the large card pack I made two cards instead of one!!

Thanks for visiting.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Sarah xxxxxx

Friday, 5 August 2011

My first attempt to use my Speccie pens!

I've had such a busy week between my little nephews visiting and completing card orders .  I haven't had much chance to use my Speccies.  There are so many fantastic examples of colouring with Speccies on the "I'm A Crafters Companion" website I've been dying to play with mine!!!

This is my first attempt using the pens after watching Leann on Create and Craft and the instructional downloads fron the Crafters Companion website.  I've been so scared of trying different pens in the past but I've took the plunge now.  I'm no why near as good as some of the other examples posted but please if anyone has any comments to help me improve my technique please post them.

Thanks. Happy Crafting.

Sarah xxxxxx